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produced by Vic Alexis

Vic is a 27 year-old artist whose take on electronica draws accents from dream-pop and cinematic soundscapes. Composed of raw vintage tone and stark percussion over decadent motifs and drifting chords, his songs are meant “to play loud in the car or alone on the couch.” Vic's music has been released by industry favorites Ryan Hemsworth and San Holo as well as independently.


2017 saw the release of his debut EP entitled “In Touch” via Dutch artist San Holo’s creative company and record label bitbird, which quickly garnered attention.


Native of Columbia, Missouri, Vic’s music creates unique discourse among contemporary producers internationally as well as reveals a fresh take on what music coming out of the Midwestern United States can sound like.

In Touch, featuring minimal visuals shot by friends in The Netherlands.

Voices Array scored an epic special-fx laden short created by JR Alli in Tokyo that debuted at Buffer Film Festival in Toronto Canada.

In These Flashes, released via Ryan Hemsworth's Shh, Secret Songs.

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